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The Space Between: Navigating Life’s Transitions with Grace

On a sun-drenched late Spring Da years ago, my daughter and I found ourselves amid a playful tag game across the street at the school playground. Amidst our laughter and the fresh bloom of the season, our attention was captured by the sight of caterpillars. One, in particular, caught our eye on the ground, poised for its metamorphosis into a butterfly. This moment sparked a profound observation from my daughter, “How sad that he’ll stop being a caterpillar".

This simple interaction unveiled deep insights into the nature of transitions: they are both a natural part of life's cycle and subject to our personal interpretations. Our perceptions shape our experiences of change, whether welcomed or resisted.

Change envelops us, noticeable only through the lens of our judgments. But what truly happens in a transition? It's more than an end and a beginning; it's the journey through the "Space Between" that holds transformative potential.

Many of us rush this in-between space, eager to leave discomfort behind or to chase the next high, only to find ourselves adrift, unsure of our next steps. Legendary Yogi Berra’s words, "If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else", echo the sentiment of navigating life's transitions without a clear destination.

In the coaching realm, we cherish the "Space Between" as a fertile ground for self-discovery, goal setting, and strategic planning. Here, we pause to explore what truly matters, charting a course that reflects our deepest values and aspirations. This reflective pause is a powerful tool for steering through life's transitions with intention and clarity.

To thrive in the "Space Between" consider these navigational aids:

Awareness and Acknowledgment: Embrace the end to unlock the door to new beginnings, trusting that everything leading up to now has prepared you for what's next.

Choice: Remember, we always have the power to choose our responses, shaping our journey


Beliefs: Examine your core beliefs; they shape your perception and, ultimately, your reality.

Action: Your actions are fueled by your awareness, choices, and beliefs. They are the steps you take towards your future.

Reinforcement: Seek support from your personal pit crew, whether it's internal tools like

mindfulness or external resources like coaching.

Transitions are not just about change; they are about transformation and growth. By embracing the "Space Between" we open ourselves to possibilities, crafting a future that resonates with our true selves.

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